Easy way to change your website to online webstore and add online payments support to your DMS (Dealer Management System).
  • Add online payments support to your website and DMS (bank transfers, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Mobilepay etc).
  • Reserve fees and downpayments for cars on your website and DMS, realtime verified payment confirmations to secretaries, create leads and hide vehicles from net
  • Integrated to Paytrail, Visma and Klarna
  • Car financing integration to Santander Consumer Finance and Osuuspankki
  • Financing calculator for hire purchase (osamaksu) and leasing
  • Car tax calculator
  • Limited / unlimited car benefit calculator (käyttöetu / vapaa autoetu)
  • SMS text messaging

Project management

Strong experience for over 20 years including many regulatory, multivendor and outsourced projects
Ongoing projects July 2024
  • Customer 360 data warehouse project for auto dealers
  • IT-vendor selection projects
  • Webstore implementation and customer surveys

Application development

Tailored solutions for auto industry, financing companies, company web sites and ecommerce #mobilefirst
Ongoing projects July 2024
  • Payment gateway platform
  • DMS (Dealer Management System) consultation
  • Provision report implementations
  • Data security evaluation

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