Project management

Strong experience for over 20 years including many regulatory, multivendor and outsourced projects
Ongoing projects December 2022
  • Customer 360 data warehouse project for auto dealers
  • IT-vendor selection projects
  • Webstore implementation and customer surveys

Application development

Tailored solutions for auto industry, financing companies, company web sites and ecommerce #mobilefirst
Ongoing projects December 2022
  • Payment gateway platform
  • DMS (Dealer Management System) consultation
  • Provision report implementations
  • Data security evaluation


Built systems that are used by thousands of users responsible of over 2B€ industry. Founded three companies and sold one of them to PLC. Former Business Operations Director and part of Local Management Team (LMT) at Santander Consumer Finance. Responsible of Operations (Underwriting, Backoffice, Customer Service), Facilities, Digital Services, CX, Business Development, Project and Vendor Management. Including ~ 100 people.

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